Frequently Asked Questions

Based in Edinburgh the team is made up of software developers and bankers who have experience in lending to borrowers in the UK. Jamie Davidson is the founder and Managing Director with Conrad Chin the Chief Technology officer. The team have over 60 years of banking and lending experience and another 30+ years of software and technology experience.

Over the last 10 years we have gathered data, completed deals and built relationships with a wide range of interesting lending sources. We provide access to private lenders, investment banks, retail banks, pension fund lenders, mezzanine funds, building societies and more. We only add a lender if they are credible and have something competitive to offer such as high LTV’s, low rates or impressive service levels.

We receive a commission from the lender who provides your loan. Similar to a broker but with more options and cheaper as we receive less commission. Our objective is to ensure you get the best deal possible by providing you with as many competitive options as possible. We track which borrowers apply to which lenders to ensure we arent circumvented. If a borrower was to apply through PFF then go to the lender directly we still receive our commission.

As little as possible. We only gather the essential information we need so you can quickly see what the lenders products and pricing are. We believe that finance should be quick and simple so we minimise the information you need to provide at every step of the process.

You can submit a loan application to multiple lenders in as little as 5 minutes. You can access multiple lenders product specifics in as little as 2 minutes.

We have taken steps to ensure your data is protected and we abide by the Data Protection Act (“DPA”) and have a DPA license, our license number is XA051536. Through our technology partners we also adhere to the EU Data Protection Directive. You control where your data goes and the lenders who receive your data also abide by the DPA.

We provide access to more lenders products which creates competition to ensure you get the best overall deal. We empower the borrower so you to select the options you want to proceed with. We are also property specialists so we understand where new sources of capital will come from and what borrowers want from a lender. By using PFF you save money on the arrangement fee as there are no middle men and our commission is smaller than a brokers as we have automated the process. Behind the website we have a team of specialists ready to step in and support you through the process if you ever need a helping hand.

Saving time and money is never a bad thing.

Interest rates are a focus for all borrowers. We recently saved a bridging borrower 0.25% per month on a £400,000 commercial property purchase. We managed to cut £3,900 off the cost of the facility. This means the loan advance was increased by this amount so the borrower saved money and had to put less cash in to the deal.

Risk is a large part of borrowing. By providing access to lenders that don’t require a personal guarantee means you can do more deals and generate more profit. We recently helped a client secure a non-recourse facility for the purchase of a block of 13 flats which meant he could then complete a second deal where a supported personal guarantee was required.

Debt forgiveness deals are more common as the market improves and lenders look to re-coup capital. We helped a client secure a formal offer for 90% LTV inside 2 weeks from a specialist lender who hadn’t made property loans before. The rental income saved was over £2m per annum and the equity in the property that was protected was over £10m.

To help save you more money we take a lower level of commission than a traditional broker.

We list lenders that don’t provide us commission to ensure you get the best deal every time. We are here for the long term and we would like to see you over and over again. We are privately owned so lenders don’t invest in us or own any part of the business. We don’t direct you to a particular lender based on commission levels, you control which lenders you apply to.

We monitor products daily so if we see a new product then it’s added straight away or if we spot a change in interest rates or LTV’s we update it immediately. By tracking the terms quoted on the lenders heads of terms and loan offers we can determine the most competitive products that are being delivered at that time. The market is evolving quickly so we use both technology and our research team to improve and edit our product information so all you need to do is log on to PFF.

No. We are confident you will find the best deal through PFF so if you apply to multiple lenders and dont find the deal you are after then you are free to continue your search elsewhere.