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We’ve cracked it!

Securing finance is one of the most time-consuming and risky parts of property investment. With the lending market becoming increasingly fragmented, Property Finance Finder puts you back in control, reducing risk as well as saving you time and money. Using the power of the web coupled with years of experience in property finance, we have made the whole funding market accessible to you through one simple, no-commitment funding process.

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How does it work?

We research the funding market continuously so that you don’t have to, finding the best LTV’s and interest rates from 100's of products. Our search engine then lists the products that match your requirement, allowing you to choose with confidence. Finally, our simple no-commitment process lets you get indicative quotes from several lenders simultaneously, minimising the risk of being let down by any single lender. The whole process takes just minutes - all we need is some basic information about your requirement.

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What can I expect?

Our users raise finance more reliably, on better terms, and with much less effort. We are completely independent of any lender so you can find the deal that best suits you. A saving of 0.25% on interest rate is typical for a PFF user (eg, that's a £5000 saving on a 4-month £300,000 loan), and we can also save you up to 25% on loan fees. Even more importantly to many of our users, PFF allows you to test multiple lenders simultaneously thereby maximising your chances of securing funding on time.

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3 steps, 5 minutes, no commitment…

It typically takes just minutes to complete our simple, no-commitment process. Just provide basic information about your requirement (no multi-page forms - we only ask for the essentials to identify relevant products for you); review and refine a list of products that match your requirements; finally, select up to 5 products and confirm your choices. We then do the work of contacting lenders to get indicative quotes for each individual product, and you will be contacted within hours. That’s it! Try it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

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